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Illustrated Stories was founded by British born artist and Illustrator Kay van Bellen. Since establishing her practice 10 years ago in the UK she now lives and works from her studio in Amsterdam. 

The brand emerged from Kays dutch heritage and her love for 'Delft Blauw'. Kay became curious about the similarities between her reportage sketchbooks of modern day life and the pictorial representations in the 1600's tiles. 


Since her move to the Netherlands she has built three distinct ceramic collections, and a body of screen printed artworks. Designed in the Netherlands, crafted in the UK each piece is a true work of art.


 'One of a Kind' Vintage Collection reuses, reinvents and re fires old ceramics.

Breathing a new layer of life into these obsolete objects Illustrated stories celebrates old and new, adding a new layer to the object.

Imperfections give an insight into the former life of the ceramics

The beauty of the ceramics themselves; marked, imperfect, and even flawed become an unique aesthetic, each piece having its own story to tell.

Contemporary coupe plate collection adapts patterns in 16th century ceramics and creates a contemporary twist. Screen printed characters, images and shapes create new stories with a humorous and often sinister twist.

New Blauw Tile Collection hand pressed, hand rolled and decorated these works of art explore the traditional delft blauw handwriting using new characters and storytelling.

Screen Printed artworks all created and produced by Kay in her atelier in the Netherlands each screen print is created by hand in limited numbers. Based on her numerous sketchbooks of everyday life kay observes people going about their day to day duties. Kay then juxtaposing shape, form and new stories to create layers of depth.

Illustrated Stories can supply you with a range of products and are always interested in new stockists!

Our collection can be ordered throughout the year and is also updated seasonally.



Associate Lecturer

Nottingham Trent University, UK

Loughborough School of Art and Design, UK

Wilhelm De Koning Academy,Rotterdam

Amsterdam Fashion Institure




British Telecom

Universal Works

Nottingham University Museum

Little Paper Planes, USA

Storytiles, Amsterdam

Boots PLC

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