Oink, vintage gold rimmed plate
  • Oink, vintage gold rimmed plate

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    17.5cm medium antique plate.

    A moustache is mandatory for pig riding in the state of Nebraska. However a small peaked cap is not, but certainly recommended. Please note that no pigs were even mildly put in any danger in the making of this plate.

    The plate has a scalloped border and floral placement with gold rim.

    It comes wrapped in suistainable packaging and shipped to your door with care.

    • Product and Care

      Subtle texturing often appears when old ceramics are re-fired in the kiln. Rather than an imperfection we view this as a uncovering of a former use.

      Although the ceramics are dishwasher and microwave proof, our advice is to avoid if possible and wash with a damp cloth. They are not oven proof.

      Please treat them wih the love and care as we hope this artwork continues its life for many years to come.

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