Bird Song 21cm Vintage Plate
  • Bird Song 21cm Vintage Plate

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    25cm Plate with Lattice border MEDIUM

    Vintage decorative plate.

    Vintage ceramics are carefully sourced for their individual characteristics that reflect the story told upon them.

    Drawing on Kay van Bellen’s english and dutch heritage illustrated stories clashes traditions together, creating contemporary ceramics with an ecelectic twist.

    Illustrations are skillfully layered over the existing vintage plate, this extends the story and product lifetime of a once loved plate. They are then screen printed and fired in a kiln at 860 degrees.


    As the plates are individually sourced and many years old some slight inperfections or markings may occur we see these as beautiful imperfections and a symbol of the plates lifestime.

    • Product and Care

      Subtle texturing often appears when old ceramics are re-fired in the kiln. Rather than an imperfection we view this as a uncovering of a former use.

      Although the ceramics are dishwasher and microwave proof, our advice is to avoid if possible and wash with a damp cloth. They are not oven proof.

      Please treat them wih the love and care as we hope this artwork continues its life for many years to come.

    © 2020 by Kay van Bellen. 

    Illustrated Stories by Kay van Bellen Grafisch Atelier, Noorderweg 96B, 1221AB, Hilversum, Netherlands