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 I am a British artist and illustrator based near Amsterdam. My studio is based at Grafisch Atelier Hilversum


I love to collaborate!  Brands I have worked with include; Converse, Jack Purcel, Universal Works, Virgin and Size? to name a few.


I launched my own sustainable ceramic range in 2019 under the name Illustrated Stories. The collection was shortlisted in London for the Spotted Award .

Please inform me if you wish to stock my collection.


My most recent art work appeared in a solo exhibition at Pols Potten, Amsterdam. 

My current artwork explores abstraction through space, shape and surface. The organisation of shapes becomes a metaphorical balance  between latitude and limitations. Within this work I improvise screen printing, drawing and collage to create contrasting forms.

My practice is always nourished and inspired by working with creative individuals. I currently work at Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

I founded Print Club at Grafisch Atelier, Hilversum where young people are inspired to create using printmaking as a tool.